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Welcome to the GH Smith & Son Bookshop

G H Smith & Son are a sixth generation family company in its third century of business. From our roots as a local small jobbing printer, we have become a national provider of print media throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

We also print and publish a variety of books and other assorted printed media.

Our portfolio contains works from noted historian A. J. Peacock who specialised in World War One with his Gunfire journal, and social histories of York, notably two volumes on George Hudson “The Railway King”. He was also instrumental in the facsimile production of World War One British Army trench maps, Michelin Guides, postcards, and other out of print World War One printed media.

Charles Whiting was a well known writer with over 300 published books to his name. He was the country’s most prolific fiction and non-fiction author on military subjects, he belonged to several learned societies and won the Sir George Dowty Prize for Literature at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. His collaboration with G. H. Smith & Son has resulted in a reprint of “Fire over York: The Great York Air Raid of 1942” and the original commission of “Yorkshire Fights Back”, a thrilling, heart-warming account of Yorkshire folk in World War II, from the dark days of 1940 through to final victory in 1945. “Yorkshire Fights Back” is a book which should be treasured in every honest ‘Tyke’s’ home as long as there is a Yorkshire. Hopefully other books will be added to this site from such a renowned talent.

Our other available works concentrate on the Yorkshire area as a whole, including Easingwold, which is located centrally in North Yorkshire.

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